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Certifiably LIT

Peer to Peer Teaching

General Health Initiatives

The Certifiably L.I.T. Health Initiative
V1.0 and V1.1

The Certifiably L.I.T. (Learning-Inspiring–Teaching) health initiative teaches high school students MUST know health information. This is another example of the peer to peer teaching model.  The V1.0 and V1.1 curriculum were developed by Gary Bloore (Founder of Ironbound USA) and Darcel Reyes, PhD from the Rutgers School of Nursing (RSN) with input from various experts in their specialized field (HIV, STD's, opioids, pediatric mental health etc).  The curriculum included knowledge on HIV, STD's, smoking, teen pregnancy, opioid use, diet plus other topics. The students were taught the curriculum and then taught methods to teach the curriculum to their peers.  The LIT curriculum is comprised of 3 teaching modules – Learning, Inspiring, Teaching. 

The first pilot program was successfully completed to 38 students at Newark Tech's TEAL Center in September 2017. In September 2018, 41 seniors from Newark Tech High School's TEAL Center in Newark, NJ were taught the V1.1 health curriculum.

Pictures from LIT Health Initiative V1.1
Philosophy behind the Certifiably L.I.T. Health Initiatives V1.0 & V1.1
Create a health curriculum that focuses on some of the most essential and important elements of general health - some of the basics that every student MUST know. Create a fun and innovative delivery method that will effectively teach the students this important information. Take that knowledge and reinforce that knowledge by teaching the students how to effectively teach that knowledge to their peers. Peer to peer teaching is one of the most effective teaching methods.
How it works:

Module 1: Learning -Rutgers School of Nursing (RSN) faculty & graduate students teach the students the Certifiably L.I.T. general health curriculum – the subjects include HIV, STD’s, teen pregnancy, smoking, drug use, better dietary choices, screen time amongst other subjects.

Module 2: Inspiring - The students were divided into teaching teams and then RSN & Ironbound USA teach the teams how to teach the curriculum to the other high school students. Each team will be approximately 8 students. The RSN faculty & student teachers work with each team to learn the LIT presentation and then practice this presentation with each teach team. Finally, each team give the presentation to the entire Certifiable L.I.T. class and when successful will be certified to teach Certifiably L.I.T. to the other students in the school.

Additionally, during this module, the students will participate in a mini-seminar given by Ironbound USA focusing on basic presentation skills which will be utilized when presenting the LIT material.

Module 3: Teaching After being certified, the high school student teaching teams will be ready to teach the curriculum to their peers.

A brief summary of some of the benefits derived from Certifiably L.I.T. V1.1

Health component

• Better health knowledge which leads to;
• Healthier students which leads to;
• More productive students which leads to better grades.

Personal Branding component
• Better communication skills with peers and adults
• Better presentation skills which are necessary for career type jobs
• Better organizational skills which increase productivity and helps with time management
• Better teamwork skills which are demanded in today’s business environment
More Confidence