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It's a BIG world. Go see it.
Experiential Learning
Field Trips

A good way to better understand the world is to go and see it. An important part of the Ironbound philosophy is to take "field trips" - some maybe business related and some maybe arts related. A few examples of some of places and people we have visited; the Metropolitan Museum, Whitney Museum, the Highline & Central Park. Some examples of the businesses we visited -Universal-McAnn NYC to discuss careers in the marketing world, spoke about careers in engineering at Brookfield Properties Manhattan West project, practiced interviews at WeWork. 

Many of our students rarely leave their neighborhood.  New York City is only a few miles in distance from Newark but for some it miles and miles too far and unreachable in a student's mind.  After one experiential trip, Ian M. said, "I can't believe the Met is only 2 train rides away".  This is great example of a new view of possibilities and thoughts by taking experiential trips.  Our "field trips" break the - I can't do this mindset - and are symbolic of a world of possibilities. Seeing and experiencing other things, people, places is a highly effective way to learn from the world and build confidence in yourself. And it's fun and meaningful for all involved. Our "field trips" provide invaluable and indelible experiences for the students.  These trips are a highlight of what we do and emphasize what we believe.  It's a big world.  Go see it.

Learn from the world. Go see it.

Go see the world. Learn from it.

In a user-centric world we do
Visit to Universal McCann NYC.

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