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About Us


History of Ironbound USA

Ironbound USA was founded by Gary Bloore in 2012 based on the philosophy of brand building. Many of the same principles used in product development and commercial brand building can be applied to building your personal brand.  Students respond to brands (Nike, Red Bull etc) so we analyze and learn from those brands.  Then take that learning and apply it to each students personal brand.  The students like this concept and respond well to it.    

We focus our efforts on inner city schools.  Many students in these areas have benefited from our innovative teaching philosophy.  The first Ironbound class was in 2013 with 6 students at Newark Tech High School in Newark, NJ which we called Parallel Product Development (PPD).  In the past 2018-2019 school year, approximately 200 students participated in our latest version called I-PASS (Ironbound -Professional and Social Skills).   

Our programs are scalable and could be taught in many cities across the United States.   By 2018 our goal is to have 10,000 students learn about and benefit from personal branding in our programs.  

Gary Bloore, Founder

Gary Bloore is the founder and C.E.O. of IRONBOUND USA and a 20+ year veteran of domestic and international business. He is committed to opening doors for underserved youth through skill development and structured mentoring. Gary continues to help create & develop the IRONBOUND educational programs and teaches those programs at IRONBOUND USA partner schools. He holds a BS from the University of Southern California and a MBA from New York University.

Ironbound USA

Build your skills. Build your brand. Build your future.

Mike Steadman, President

Mike is the President of Ironbound Boxing & Education. Mike is 2010 graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. While at the Naval Academy, Mike was introduced to the sport of boxing and as a member of the Navy Boxing Team he won Three National Championships as light-heavyweight. Upon graduation from the Naval Academy, Mike accepted a commission as an officer in the United States Marines. As Infantry Officer in the Marines, he deployed to Afghanistan, Japan, and the Philippines.

Ironbound Boxing Academy

The Ironbound Boxing Academy.

Ironbound USA

Build your skills. Build your brand. Build your future.

Build your skills. 

Build your brand.  

Build your future.

Ironbound USA has been working with inner city high school students by teaching our innovative professional and social skills programs.  

So far we have had 1,012 students in our formal personal brand building programs and have impacted many others with our community service campaigns. 

Our goal is to have 10,000 students go through our personal brand building programs by 2028.  In addition to our educational programs we continue to impact many more through our community service outreach prohrams. 

It's a big world.  Go see it.

Our experiential trips embody the philosophy of our teaching methods.  That it is critical to see other places and viewpoints to help build your brand.